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Business models and projects which help people to improve macro and micro levels can emerge only to think about a business idea focusing on this aim. Actualizing business idea requires elaborating the project, finding a sponsor to project, acquiring the sources required for the project, applying research and development process intended for the project and at the last stage, bringing together user and project. Ans so, where lies and what is

Most people start this path which brings a painful process with itself with a business idea that excites them. Most of these ideas are not even original and they are terminated before any substantial development because of the difficulties in actualizing business idea. But it is possible to have a start-up model which is developed in short times, original and motivated to actualized with today’s developed fund options, incentives to entrepreneurs and skilled managers and sources.

A lot of idea focusing on solving daily problems can lose its energy not because of people who own the idea or carrying the project but because of the difficulties in actualizing the business idea. That’s where makes itself come true as a website by paving the way for entrepreneurs. Everything related with solutions showing how to move forward and which ways entrepreneurs need to follow to actualize their effective and extensive business ideas which have potential to solve problems that mass experiences in the society can be found in Especially for the young entrepreneurs who have a good business idea but having problems actualizing it can find a lot of advice in It is also a guideline for entrepreneurs stating that they must be ready for a new project any time, showing what they need to be careful when they will adopt a start-up idea and a lot of other similar subjects related to entrepreneurship.

Everything About Entrepreneurship World is in! which was founded by Dr. Verda Emiroğlu who is well-known in business circles, and it is aimed to share her business knowledge and be a part of the ecosystem that she has developed thanks to her experiences in TÜBİTAK, Intel, Sabancı University, BEKO Electronics, Turkcell Group since 1994. Emiroğlu aims to create a platform to have a common value by sharing her works in the field of R&D, Innovation and Technology Management and sharing views of leaders that she has worked in these fields.

The website which will include original news and new developments in entrepreneurship will also contain information about how to manage difficulties in actualizing a start-up idea. Thanks to this information, entrepreneur trainees who follow this website can track what is happening in the entrepreneurship world and also focus on the traits that they need to have to be successful. In, it is also aimed to increase the self-trust and self-confidence of entrepreneurs against the problems that they will face during carrying the projects by adding the technical information that entrepreneurs will need.

Entrepreneurs who follow closely will find the motivation to be determined about following their ideas and ideals without putting any limits to themselves again on the same website. They will also learn team management, development of a business model and value creation, questioning, testing, including the customer to the process, determination on putting forward the business plan and how to obtain efficient management skills to cope with negativities in the business plan.

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