TTGV Starts Its Special Program of Business Ideas in the Field of Health!

Business Idea Prize in the Heath Sector

Technology Development Foundation of Turkey which is established to support the private sector in Turkey begins its program of business ideas in the field of health. Business ideas that will advance in line with current technology and innovation solutions will be supported by this program. It is aimed to develop sustainable business models in the program whose main objective is to develop the initiatives about all kinds of problems and needs for their markets.

The applications received through the TTGV 250K website stopped accepting applications as of September 17. After the pre-evaluation process which was between September 18 and 20, the entrepreneurs who will participate in the program were announced on 21 September. The entrepreneurs who have been chosen by TTGV experts and professionals in the health sector will be invited to an introduction meeting. After this stage, actual training and development process of the program will start.


The entrepreneurs will focus on making business ideas meaningful in the program which will start with Entrepreneurship 101 training. The program, which will continue with training to understand what the idea is in the market, will take a break around the end of October. The training, which will continue with the product development process in November, will end after the training in business development, sales and presentation in December. Entrepreneurs will benefit from the training free of charge which will cover a period of 4 months in total.

Program Supported by SEIS and KWORKS!

TTGV 250K program will provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to build a strong business network. Koç University Entrepreneurship Research Center (KWORKS) and the Healthcare Industry Employers’ Association (SEİS), two of the first names to come to mind in the field of entrepreneurship, will take an active role throughout this process as supporters of the program. The results of the program, which will bring together the professionals of the health sector and the world of entrepreneurship, is awaited impatiently.

At the end of the program, the projects of entrepreneurs are expected to have a significant place in the health sector. With the program, it is aimed to develop existing products and services or to establish new business models. Considering that the program will provide content support to clients, business models, accreditation and certification processes in the health field, it is inevitable that entrepreneurs’ business ideas will be ready to be launched in the market.

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