Yolculuğun Öncüleri (The Pioneers of the Journey) Program gives 10 Thousand TL Rewards!

Brisa, a leading figure in the international tire and coating industry, is organizing a program supporting entrepreneurs in line with its corporate vision. With the Yolculuğun Öncüleri program, started with the aim of “designing the future of transportation”, projects that provide solutions to current problems or focus on the future are supported. Established on the basis of creating collective values, the program supports entrepreneurial ideas in areas such as planning, product, service, business excellence, and mobility solutions. The program, which aims to encourage people with innovative ideas, promises to play an active role in the actualizing adventures of these ideas. In the studies carried out in stages, 2,000 TL prize money, mentoring and training support are offered to stage winners. In the grand finale, where participants who successfully completed the stages will compete, winner project will be awarded a prize of 10 thousand TL.

Brisa is looking for the Pioneers of the Journey

What Kind of Ideas Brisa is Looking For?

In order to be successful in the program, win the prize and benefit from the educational support, participants must apply with their ideas in the areas determined by Brisa. The ideas which will be included in the evaluation process are published on the Workinlot platform. At this point, Brisa stated that he was in search of ideas, but he could also point out that he was directly focusing on prototypes. In addition, an area to be developed or a subject that needs to be discussed can be the starting point for those who want to apply to the program.

Brisa has listed the following headings for stage 2 reviews:

  • “characteristic tires” emphasizing tire appearance
  • “end to staying on the road” focus on solving tire bursts
  • “smart production” aimed at digitizing the production process
  • “future of the journey” emphasizing the change in consumption habits
  • “recycling of tires” emphasizing the cost
  • “measuring tire life and performance” focusing on efficiency and customer service
Change the way of the transport

What Is Expected from the Participants?

The program is free for anyone over the age of 18 to participate in business ideas, projects or prototypes; approaching projects with criteria during evaluations. Especially, it is expected to have a solution compatible with the headings determined by Brisa. The project is expected to address Brisa’s active involvement, while the applicant team must prove its competence in realizing the project. It is also required that the research in progress should have a work plan and the structure of an enterprise. Projects with market launch plans, growth forecasts, and investment needs are also one step ahead in the program.

For the 2nd stage applications that will end on 21 October, applications can be submitted on the official website of the program (http://www.yolculugunonculeri.com) by directed to Workinlot website.

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