Support for Digital Transformation of Turkish Industry: TÜSİAD SD2

Within the scope of Industry 4.0 studies, companies and technology suppliers come together with TÜSİAD SD2 Program.

TÜSİAD SD2 is considered as the first comprehensive program in Turkey which was founded with the theme of “Digital Transformation in Industry” and brings technology users and technology supplier together.

With the aim of strengthening the industry’s digital transformation process and supporting technology supplier ecosystem, TÜSİAD SD2:

  • will bring technologists and technological solution providers together in the production process;
  • support the introduction of technology supplier capacity and technology production;
  • set out good examples of practice that will inspire technological transformation planning.

Designed for micro, small and medium-scale technology suppliers, TÜSİAD SD2 will also make a significant contribution to the process of conducting customer verification of technology prototypes.

How will the process work in TUSIAD SD2 Program?

  • Technology suppliers will be called for products and / or services in line with the search for digital converters of technology users.
  • An application pool will be set up from technology suppliers who develop products and / or services in a manner that is responsive to this call.
  • Technology suppliers who have passed the pre-assessment of “technology users” will have the opportunity to meet with experts, users and key ecosystem actors in the “Industry-Technology Advanced Integration Program” (STEP).
  • Within the scope of the STEP, “technology users” will be matched with the most appropriate “technology suppliers” and will work together and prepare the Solution File.
  • The success stories to be formed at the end of this process will be shared with the public in the “Digital Transformation Success Stories in Industry” ceremony

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