IMM (Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality) will support domestic technology with “Zemin İstanbul”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has carried out “Zemin İstanbul” (Ground Iİstanbul) project with the aim of contributing to the local and national production moves.

ISTANBUL (AA) – Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), is preparing to open “Zemin İstanbul”s doors which will be the new address of innovation and entrepreneurship in Turkey.

According to a statement from the municipality, “Living Lab – Life Center” project, the president of IMM Mevlut Uysal has carried out for the first time in Başakşehir, is spreading to all Istanbul with the name of Istanbul “Zemin İstanbul”.

Located in Şişhane Metro to offer technological equipment and laboratory facilities to the entrepreneurs with ideas, the center will start its services on August 15th.

As the part of this projects which aims to contribute to local and national production moves initiated by Turkey, a protocol will be signed with Bogazici University, Istanbul Technical University, Yildiz Technical University and the Ministry of Education. With this protocol, supporting young entrepreneurs, strengthening contacts with entrepreneurship ecosystems, early recognition of new technologies by promoting high-potential initiatives, and collaborating with institutions with competencies in different fields are aimed.

The project, which is run by the Directorate of European Union Directorate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, consists of 3 main centers: Incubation Center, Experience Center, Training and Activity Center and Animation Studio. The centers also have offices and workshops where all kinds of hardware, software, and equipment are available to provide business development opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs with creative ideas.

The number of domestic and national products will increase

Zemin Istanbul, which provides infrastructure services for entrepreneurs, will present an experience, research and innovation environment that enables Istanbul residents to see the real added value of new products and services. Thus, increasing the number of local and national products which will strengthen the development momentum of Turkey is aimed.

In addition, by offering new products to citizens before the production process, taking their suggestions and criticisms into consideration and by regulating these feedbacks, the inclusion of citizens to the process will be implemented which is quite common in the developed countries.

In a year, one million visitors are expected to visit Zemin Istanbul, which is located at the center of transportation networks.

Zemin İstanbul
Zemin İstanbul supports entrepreneurs with free working places.

Free equipment supports for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs at the Incubator Center will be able to benefit from the mentor pool created by those with sectoral and academic experience, in addition to receiving various trainings, in line with their own needs. Participants working on business ideas will be able to use the open and closed office space free of charge.

If they want, entrepreneurs will be able to use advanced modeling and design equipment such as a 3D printer and experience center to test their prototypes and get feedback. As a result of this process, entrepreneurs are expected to bring innovative products and services to Istanbul by focusing on the field of “Urban Science”. Entrepreneurs are also encouraged to bring their services to relevant investors.

The Experience Center will present a methodology for perceiving multi-layered solutions presented complexly in the developing living conditions. It covers a long process including user experience, user interface design and ergonomics as well as designing products together. At the end of the experience period, it is aimed to design the products and services to be produced for Istanbul together with the citizens.

Wide range of possibilities from artificial intelligence to robot construction are provided

The Training and Activity Center includes “7-10 Age Maker” and “10-16 Age Advanced Maker” programs for children and young people who will build the future. At the center, we are working in the field of robotics, coding, arduino, electronics, Internet of Things, cyber security, aerospace technology, energy technology, nano technology, artificial intelligence, production and design, programming, mobile application, mechanical design, 3D printer Design Days, Maker Days, and so on.

The Animation Studio will house the basic elements of design and programming that children will have the chance to turn their different ideas and imagination into reality. The animation studio, which combines children’s imagination with digital technology, aims to encourage every potential child to grow a new generation of screenwriters, animators, designers, programmers and directors.

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