İbrahim Bodur Applications for Social Entrepreneurship Awards Has Begun!

Ibrahim Bodur Social Entrepreneurship Awards, which was organized for the first time in 2017, is being prepared for the second time this year. The event takes its name from İbrahim Bodur, founder of Kale Group, who died in 2016. Even though it was its first year, more than a hundred application had been received last year and a great deal of interest is expected this year as well. As one of Turkey’s initiatives in the social project area, it rewards the initiative with a strong future; and it aims to improve lives. To achieve this aim, it is guided by İbrahim Bodur ‘s “first human” philosophy and all projects can participate in this event without any subject restriction.

İbrahim Bodur Social Entreneurship Awards

Initiatives Evaluated in Different Categories!

The event, in which all initiatives with the function of making lives better are accepted without subject restriction, separate the rewards according to the stages of the initiative. Basically, there are two branch, early and advanced. Initiatives which starts with a small pilot scheme in a limited area and which has a promising future to expand are being considered within the early stages.

In the advanced stage awards, initiatives that are implemented in larger regions and bring broader solutions to a social problem are evaluated. In addition to these two branches, a business association award is given to two organizations that will work together to increase social effectiveness. Initiatives which are deemed worthy in any category are rewarded with 50 thousand TL.

The winners of 2017 Ibrahim Bodur Social Entrepreneurship Awards were Otsimo, KODA, and Yuvarla. While Otsimo is an initiative that provides free education for children with autism, KODA was deservedly awarded as an initiative aimed at increasing quality and equal opportunity in village schools through the exchange of teachers. Yuvarla project is a project that creates resources for NGOs by donating fractions of the money spent on internet shopping.

It worths to life
It worths to life

The applications are ending on September 21!

Initiatives aiming to get the reward must have completed their application by September 21, 2018. Entrepreneurs just need to visit the application section at the official website of Ibrahim Bodur to do the applications.

Applications received via the internet will be evaluated during the pre-evaluation process between September 22 and October 22. After the selection committee evaluation process to be held between October 23 and October 31, the awards will be delivered to the owners on December 4 at the award ceremony. Rewards will be given according to initiatives’ current social impacts, potential impacts in the future, financial sustainability, competence and reliability levels of initiatives.

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