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Advices for Entrepreneurs

It is widely acknowledged that common characteristic of the successful entrepreneurs is to dream and hard work to make these dreams to come true. I agree with that. There are these two on the tip of the iceberg. But let’s go down on the list together and prepare ourselves a check-list together. Yes, dream but don’t make your dreams to be dependent on the assumptions or boundaries. Dream freely. The more it seems harder to get, the more beautiful it


Trends in Digital Transformation

The Art of Coding the Digital Transformation I use two words to describe the Digital Transformation: ‘Efficiency and Communication’ Efficiency comes first because, while digitally transforming, we identify all production and management processes in the systems, simplify them and ensure that these processes flow seamlessly. Therefore it becomes possible to manage the company with automated and optimized processes. Most of the work at our companies has recently started to be done without the use of human hands but through automated processes approved or


Innovation is not only collecting and selecting ideas

Innovation has been one of the trending management models of the last 20 years. There have even been long discussions as to its meaning. A great deal of agreement has been reached on its general outlines, namely driving innovation, coming up with different perspectives and approaches, creating new ideas and, most importantly, establishing processes that will create economic value from all these. Every company has tried different management models. Ideas are gathered using different methods and these ideas are put


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