Code.Yapıkredi gives Acceleration Support to Entrepreneurs!


Another esteemed institution that supported the entrepreneurs in the process of developing their business ideas and projecting them is Yapı Kredi. With the acceleration program called Code.Yapıkredi, entrepreneurs can achieve more efficient and rapid growth of their entrepreneurship ideas.

Any enterprise that has an entrepreneurial idea in the field of technology, with a scalable business model, offering a sustainable income model, or with a high market potential, can apply for this program. Even the initiatives that provide only one of these requirements are accepted for the program. The program is not only limited to enterprise training but also provides strong relationships to create an enterprise network.

All resources that an enterprise will need in the development processes are the focal points of the program. With this program, a lot of opportunities are provided especially for those who want to announce their initiative to the masses and get support. It functions as a platform where entrepreneurs can meet investors and prominent names of Koç Group who can provide support to their initiatives. Throughout the program, initiatives are supported by consultancy and mentoring services and prepared for corporate collaborations. The technical and infrastructure supports provided for the entrepreneurs and the support of the workspace reveals the difference of Code.Yapıkredi.

Application Process

How is the Participation Process?

Those who want to participate in the program, which is prepared quite comprehensively, must first apply to the Code.Yapıkredi ( In the application process, the participant is asked to answer some questions about their initiatives which is aimed to be evaluated and developed in the program. After the application process, initiatives are accepted to the pre-screening. After the pre-screening phase, entrepreneurs are participating in one-to-one meetings and after all these processes, they can start the program.

The initiatives are expected to be presented to the senior executives of Yapı Kredi during the final evaluation process. Here, the initiative is evaluated based on various criteria such as innovation, market strategy, market size, competitiveness, scalability capacity, program compatibility, teamwork and product implementation.

Initiatives participating in the program are primarily supported for development by Code.Yapikredi and Kworks teams. At this stage, which aims the harmony between market and enterprise, it is mainly focused on increasing market dominance of entrepreneurs. After that, according to the customer feedback, entrepreneurs are trying to make their initiatives to be simpler. At this point, entrepreneurs can get mentoring support in every field such as software or user experience design. After all these processes, by creating income models for the enterprises, products are created to be launched in the market in a way to produce economic value. Entrepreneurs who successfully complete the program have the opportunity to face the investors in the Demo Day event held after the program.

Entrepreneurs who want to enhance their enterprises with Code.Yapıkredi program should apply to the program by September 30th.

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