Boyner Group’s fund-raising platform Buluşum funds

Boyner Group’s crowd-sourced fund-raising funding platform Buluşum which was founded to support new entrepreneurs is here with a new grant. Buluşum provided 30,000 TL support to, an application that encourages users to do good. which was founded by Esin İmer Haşlaman, we know from Google and Blablacar, with Selen Ataç and Erkin Deveci, is aimed to reach 50.000 users by the end of the year.

After downloading which enable you to share the good behaviors you receive every day, the things that make you happy, from iOS and Android markets, then you sign up with your Facebook account. You can then share the kindness you have made, seen, heard, or receive via the application by adding text, video or visuals.

Easy to use interface.

As the good stories shared in practice gain appreciation and are re-shared, they earn “iyipuanları” (kindpoints). Users who share their good deeds create an awareness about such goodwill and they can also support a social responsibility project by transferring accumulated “iyipuanları” (kindpoints). For example, they can contribute a project which enables hundreds of children who have never gone to the cinema in their lives meet with the cinema, helping street animals meet their food needs, or homeless people getting new clothes.

Boyner Mass Merchandising, which had previously carried out the projects “İyiliğe Dönüştür ” (Transform to Kindness) and “Askıda İyilik” (Kindness on the shelf)” with the motto of “Kindness never goes out of fashion” was also part of this project by providing the support needed to spread to wider users. Boyner also stated that if the project needs more support in the future due to its growth, they would support more with additional grants. Logo
Be Good to Me!

Let us remind you that Boyner supports in marketing and communication too. In all Boyner stores, there are images introducing, and the project is supported by the company’s social media channels too. So, we can say that Boyner supports the projects both financially and physically.

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