Why VEMaketheDifference?

If you have a company which is thinking strategically and ready to change to create the difference by developing best R&D and Innovation Management capabilities, VE Make the DIfference offers being the best Strategic Partner that you could walk together on the way to be the Winner.
About Dr. Verda Emiroğlu

Dr. Verda Emiroglu began her undergraduate studies in the Industrial Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University in 1990. Upon receiving an engineering degree in 1994, Verda Emiroglu began post graduate studies in the field of Strategic Management within the Engineering Management Department of Istanbul Technical University from 1996 to 1999. Verda Emiroglu was accepted onto the Phd program in the field of Technology Management in 1999 and obtained her Phd degree in 2004.

Emiroglu started her professional life in 1994 in the textile sector as an executive and worked in all areas of business in the same company for 5 years. She gained experience from production to marketing and from planning to financial management. As such, she has gained the competency to observe all processes of an establishment from an integrated perspective.

For contact and more info: info@vemakethedifference.com